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 Shadow Arena Rules

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Shadow Arena Rules Empty
PostSubject: Shadow Arena Rules   Shadow Arena Rules EmptyThu Jul 31, 2014 10:09 am

Please read and review these rules prior to posting.

The Shadow Arena is similar to the Duel Arena in ever aspect except that you choose the amount of DP to be earned.

When you make a Shadow Duel challenge, both duelists first agree to an amount of their own DP to wager, then they make a Topic in the Shadow Arena. The topic must be titled with their usernames (Example: "Evoker of Prophecy vs Pepchoniga")

In the first post, please make sure to state how much DP is being wagered by both members.

Now here is where it gets interesting. Other members may place DP bets on who they think will win the duel/match. Using the above example, members could place any amount of DP of theirs in favour of Me or Pepchoniga for winning. If the member you wagered on wins, you will receive winnings equal to your DP wager (or more depending on the odds).

Wager Odds
Slifer Red vs Slifer Red = 1:1
Slifer Red vs Ra Yellow = 2:3
Slifer Red vs Obelisk Blue = 5:1

Ra Yellow vs Slifer Red = 1:2
Ra Yellow vs Ra Yellow = 1:1
Ra Yellow vs Obelisk Blue = 4:3

Obelisk Blue vs Slifer Red = 1:5
Obelisk Blue vs Ra Yellow = 2:2
Obelisk Blue vs Obelisk Blue = 1:1

For these odds, the second number is the minimum DP wager and the first number is the payout. (Example. If you placed a wager on Pepchoniga (Ra) against Asian_Pichu (Blue), then your minimum wager is 3 DP but the payout for Pepchoniga winning is 4 DP plus your stake of 3, which means you get 7 total.)

Additional Rules may be added later depending on the use of the Arena.

Please wager responsibly. Have fun!
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Shadow Arena Rules

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