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 More About Shaddolls

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PostSubject: More About Shaddolls   More About Shaddolls EmptyMon Aug 25, 2014 9:38 pm

Hey guys. Sorry this is so late. I had a family wedding to go to this Friday. And, once I realised that there were a few tournaments this weekend, I wanted to scope out a few more Shaddoll decks. Before any of that though, here is the deck I was running.


There are definitely better choices that there could be. But this is what I was working with. And it did work. But that may have just been because of how powerful Shaddolls are. I did lose a few matches, and I think I know why, and Shaddolls are not that hard to hate out.

Recently I read an article for how to get better at Magic. The same concepts apply to Yugioh as well. And here is one of them.

Analyse your deck. Look through it and find the weakest card. Then figure out what can replace it, if it can be replaced. Is there a card that does the same thing, but better? Is there just a better effect that you can be using?

Looking at my deck, these are what I think could be changed.

There are a lot of creatures. It is probably too many. At least it feels that way to me now. So what creatures can I reduce or remove?

1. Kuribandit is my first pick. Dropping him to 2 would probably be a good move. He has a higher chance to miss early game, because of the low S/T count. And late game he might hit something because of all of the Shaddoll deck thinning. So keeping him to 1-2 isn't a bad move.

2. Effect Veiler. Veiler is a strong card, and it works with Chaos. Which is nice. I originally chose her because she's a tuner, and Light, and negates. All very good things. But, with only 1 chaos monster in the deck, she really isn't that needed. And shaddolls can search their tuner Falco pretty well. And he can ss himself pretty easily. So we could remove or lower the Veilers.

3. Ehren, Lightswoarn Monk. I chose her as my tech card. Shaddolls are popular right now. Hands are commonly set t1. I've seen a surprising amount of Gravekeepers for no real reason. Ehren stops them from going off. And it keeps their grave empty. Ehren can be sided out. I still like her, but she can move.

4. Armageddon Knight. Good card, but is it what I want. Other things do this too. But he is level 4, DARK, and can send Beast to the grave.

Now replacements aren't that hard to think of.

1. Mathmatician. I just picked up a few of these. It's like extra advantage Armageddon Knight. Similar effect, replaces itself. It's like a non DARK Shadoll. I'm thinking replace 1 Veiler and 1 Kuribandit for 2 of these guys. Maybe an Ehren too.

2. Felis or Lyla. Chaos fodder with more generic effects. Felis opens up a whole lot more plays because of plays, is still ditchable by Mathman, super easy to summon in this deck. And pops scary dudes. Also, can't be stopped by Lance.

3. Super Poly. Is this main boardable? It can hit a lot of stuff. And while Shaddolls are popular, it certainly can hit some main decks hard. I think I'm okay in the side.

4. Breakthrough skill. With Veier gone, we need a replacement. And this has a higher chance of working than Fiendish Chain.

Now for my side:


2. Do I really need 3 Iron Walls? It definitely is what I want against Macro and Fissure, but there are other things that help against those. Like MST, which is more generic. And Lyla.

3. Burial From a different Dimension. Could it be useful? If I destroy Macro to slow, I can bring a few dudes back. But it doesn;t trigger their effects (that would be so good though).

So, here is the newer deck that I have after these self reviews.


And, just for better peer review, here are a few Shaddoll lists from ARG.



Shaddoll Chaos


It appears that Mathmatician is liked a little more than Armageddon Knight.

And Effect Veiler looks more viable to me know, looking at one of those builds. But, it's ran without Lightsworns. And the side deck contains Night Beams, which I don't like very much. It looks like a more Synchro Oriented deck that uses the Shaddoll engine.


So, I haven;t really gotten around to the basic plays of the deck yet. There are a few that you get used to using.

Sinister Shadow Games is probably the best card in the deck. It solves problems very easily. It can tutor for anything (Hedgehog), ss your tuner (Falco), draw (Beast), become MST (Dragon), or add Chaos fodder (sqamanta). I usually use it after t1, on their end step to open Synchro Plays, or MST their thing. Mid/Late game, it gets my Falco to my hand for more plays.

I have been using Mathman into Felis into Black Rose. That's a nice play. Clears, sets up, AND can trigger your doll effects.

Armageddon Knight usually acts as another MST. I like it less and less. And unless I want to start playing Master Key Bettle in my extra, he might become another Mathman. Mathman has Better: stats,more options, worse Attribute, better monster type.

I really like flipping Falco. I know it's not as good as just using it straight up as a tuner most of the time, but special summoning Dragon or Beast makes me happy, because it puts me so far ahead. It can also just set hedgehog again and I can fetch another Fusion. And it doesn't feel bad milling it because it still works.

I have book of moon'd my own guys before. It makes me laugh.

I like Breakthrough more than Veiler. Up to 4 negates is really strong.
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PostSubject: Re: More About Shaddolls   More About Shaddolls EmptyTue Aug 26, 2014 12:14 pm

Interesting effect v thou?
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PostSubject: Re: More About Shaddolls   More About Shaddolls EmptyThu Aug 28, 2014 4:39 pm

well done Monte...A good card in Shaddolls is the ultimate timelord...
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PostSubject: Re: More About Shaddolls   More About Shaddolls EmptySat Aug 30, 2014 12:40 pm

The list of shaddolls that recently topped are pure cancer.

DN : maxenceaugier  / SasukeUchiaHollow

Come at me m8

Do you even duel ? .-.

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More About Shaddolls

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