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 demarionebrown's test results

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Potato fgt


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PostSubject: demarionebrown's test results   Sat Aug 02, 2014 9:49 am

supdesup vs demarionebrown
battlin boxers vs agents

testee lost 0/10

main deck structure: 10/15 looks okay but could have put in other cards that would make the
deck more competative.

synergy: 8/10

side deck 0/10 (no side deck)

extra deck 2/10 ran 3 leo which was totally unecesarry, should be at 1 and no need for the iron chain dragon, only ran synchron which was dissapoinitng since he could put some good xyz like such as felgrand (level 8 xyz made with hyperion and kristya) and level 4 xyz (101, cowboy... etc....) AND max it out because he only had 11

deck rating total: 21/45

use of cards: 5/10 he knew what he had to do and when to do it, the only problem was that he sometimes forgot what he could have done, like using valhalla eff when he could have to summon krystia and posibly beat me round 1

misplays: 5/10 to be very honest, he only made a few misplays

control of duel 2/10 only had control at the beginning of game 1

siding skills: no side so 0/10

match performance 12/35

rulling test: 4/10

overall total: 37/100

welcome to slifer red better luck next time

I know you can improve, I seriously do. Its just that you are new and need more time, I have faith in you and will help you if you need anything.
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demarionebrown's test results

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