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Giga-Vise Deck Profile. Cda_ne11
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 Giga-Vise Deck Profile.

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Tetsuya Kuroko

Tetsuya Kuroko


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Giga-Vise Deck Profile. Empty
PostSubject: Giga-Vise Deck Profile.   Giga-Vise Deck Profile. EmptyFri Aug 01, 2014 9:51 am

Sup guys, this is going to be one of my many deck profiles.
So this is going to be my Giga-Vise deck.
Giga-Vise Deck Profile. Cq1OnZv
So, this is a madolche plant deck.
First opinions probably would be a surprise, but this deck is really great.

Well, this is the monsters.
2 Gigaplant, Your main monster to pull off the combos.
2 lonefire, Begins your main plays
3 anjelly, This will summon hootcake to summon baaple from deck, which will end up with a summon of meliae, which either ss from grave or send a card from the deck.
1 baaple, this begins plays
3 hootcake, same as anjelly
3 mathematician, sends lonefire/spore grave.
1 redox, helps make xyz, a stall card ect.
1 spore, synchro plays
1 tytannial, Can help lock opponent.

d.d.r, special summon banished monsters, generally helps comebacks.
foolish burial, send lonefire/spore grave
2 mark of the rose, take control of opponents monster use it has xyz material/synchro
3 soul charge, its soul charge so yer
3 supervise, what is there not to say, equip to giga, ss lonefire/spore, synchro into PTD then you ss gigaplant again and it all happens again.

BTS, artifacts ect.
3 Coth, helps plays happen when maliae dies which she normally does.
3 Damage condenser, ^^^
2 fiendish chain, a somewhat of a stall card
3 limit reverse, same as Coth
tt, obv.

2 fire hand, lols
2 ice hand, ^^^
2 legendary jujitsu master, hands
3 maxx "c", draw power from people who play decks that constantly swarm.
3 mst, well, had to go somewhere
3 trap stun, I say no to HAT is someway.

1 AoJ Decisive Armor, Say no to bujins
1 black rose dragon, field nuke OR ss plant monsters
1 life stream dragon, when low on LP whilst you have PTD on field, goto fella.
3 PTD, well, without this card, deck won't function properly, it adds your equip spells from the deck Very Happy
scrap dragon, staple
stardust dragon, staple
leviair, great card, ss banished cards, use this with some spore combos.
1 dracossack, great card, can be used as a 2600 beatstick, or just summon in defence so opponent cant hurt you
angineer, staple
meliae, combo starter, this card does the main engine of the deck, without this card, deck is nothing.
big eye, staple.
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Giga-Vise Deck Profile.

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