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 First Obelisk Homework

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PostSubject: First Obelisk Homework   Sun Aug 17, 2014 12:57 pm

Here is the first homework for you fellow obelisk duelists !

Note : this is one of a a couple formats ago, but it still is a really good one ^_^

It's a yugioh puzzle you have to solve because you must win on this specific turn !

My opponents field consists of Tiras(1 material), Abyss Dweller(2 Materials including 1 water), Wind-up Rabbit.(All of these are in attack position).
My Field is Mermail Abysstrite. My hand is Deep Sea Diva, Atlantean Dragoons, Dark Hole. My graveyard has Mermail Abyssleed.

If i dark hole my opponent will chain dweller in response.
My extra deck has armory arm,catastor,librarian,dewloren,black rose,scrap dragon,gachi gachi,zenmaines,leviathan,abyss dweller,big eye and 2 gaios.
If you dont know what a card does look it up.
I have 6700 life points. My opponent has 3200 life points.
Diva can summon Infantry,Marksman,and Deep Sea Diva.

The first one to solve the puzzle will receive 250 dp and a potato =3=


DN : maxenceaugier  / SasukeUchiaHollow

Come at me m8

Do you even duel ? .-.

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First Obelisk Homework

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