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 YGA Role-Play Rules and Guide

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PostSubject: YGA Role-Play Rules and Guide   YGA Role-Play Rules and Guide EmptyTue Aug 05, 2014 6:48 pm

Hello Guest and welcome to the YGA Role-Play section!

In this thread, we will be going over rules and guidelines to ensure we have a fun experience role-playing.

What Is Role-Play?

A good question for those who are new to the concept. Role-playing is  where you create a character and act out their lives through posting and interactions with other Role-players. Role-players are not limited to a specific gender, thus girls can role-play as male characters and vice-versa.

Role-play themes are limitless, but one should remember to keep it PG-13 at all times when posting on YGA. (If at any time your character would become above a PG-13 rating, please take it off site such as E-mail, Skype, Chatango, etc.) Examples of reaching above a PG-13 rating would be "explicit conduct" after a date that went very well. *hint hint*

Many people compare role-playing to the times when we were children and "played pretend" and this is not far from the truth, however role-playing requires more thought, better communication, and acting. For example, every kid has pretended to be the most powerful being on the face of the planet and no one could harm them, but in role-playing we call this Godmoding or GMing. GMing is NEVER tolerated.

Characters will often be mature ones and as such will use strong language. We understand that your character is "pissed" off and had a "hell of a bad day" but please try not to go off the deep end on swearing. Like, don't say the F word just for the hell of it. Make sure that we also keep offensive slang to a minimum, such as racial slurs.

When role-playing, many role-players prefer longer posts for responses so try not to give "one-liners" and call it a post. Posting "K" is not a response and the person running the Role-play has every right to ignore the post. (Minimum of three sentences for a single post please UNLESS in dialogue with another role-player).

Try to be detailed in your posting. If your character is pacing back and forth as they await an important call, tell us about it! Talk about the thoughts in their head. The surroundings as they seem to close in around them. The amount of sweat on their brow as the pressure builds in anticipation. You know, stuff like that.

Above all else, have fun! Now for the legitimate rules....

Basic Rules:

1) Swearing is allowed ONLY IN DIALOGUE, but don't over use it.

2) Please don't "l33t(leet) speak". People find it hard to read and it just looks silly. In other words, use proper grammar.

3) Try your best to spell when you're typing. It'll help others understand what you're saying or doing. Also use grammar along with punctuation.

4) Meta knowledge is frowned upon (As in don't use outside knowledge to influence your actions)

5) No cybering at all. It will not be tolerated. Romance is allowed, but for the love of Ra, no cybering. A kiss at the end of the date is as far as it goes.

6) The minimal post should be two paragraphs. No one wants a one liner and be expected to come up with something to make the RP interesting

7) The last, but not least, have fun! Role playing is for fun and to make new friends, so enjoy it!

To Start an RP:
Simply make a starter post, but this MUST be long and detailed. Something around 5 full-sized paragraphs. Also, give it a few days to let members sign up, and make a list at the bottom to show participants and their names in an RP.

To Join an RP:
This will be partially up to the one who created it, but make sure to post a bio of the character as well as basic info needed for the role-play. (Character Sheets may be added to the site solely for ease of use.)
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YGA Role-Play Rules and Guide

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